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The Team

Hi my name is Gary I've been a fully qualified bike instructor for 20 years during this time I've also worked part time in many other driving jobs to fund my passion which is motorbike racing. The other driving jobs have given me an insight into the problems other motorists face when trying to spot us bikers. Being a fully qualified HGV driver a van driver and also for a short time a taxi driver helps me to teach all riders the best way to stay safe out there by letting a new rider understand what the other drivers can see and how they may react. I also work as a trackday instructor this environment lets me explore the extremes of motorbike riding so that again I can pass this information onto a new generation of enthusiasts.


Hey my name is Sam and I'm co owner of Rother Ride with Gary. 

I have been riding now for nearly 19 years. I have loved motorbikes since being little, walking around the motorbike shops with my dad and falling in love with GSXR (in blue and white of course) being a lady riding I am passionate about riding being available, accessible and enjoyable to everyone (men and women). Riding has given me great comfort and release over the years and the feel of being a part of a great big family I never knew I had is fantastic. 

Riding is amazing and I love that we can share that with other people and bring them into the family.