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Our T-Shirts

Our T-Shirts are that little bit of extra something. These great quilty T-Shirts come in many different designs. They are our own and cannot be found anywhere else so if you want to set the trend and have that thing that is a little different from everyone else then these are for you. 

Our designs have been done by very talented local artists who also have a love for motorcycling. 

So far we have the Cooper collection done by Rotherham's very own Rich Cooper who has his own company RC Graphix Ltd who provide many personal and business customers with high quality custom graphics and signage 

We also have the Bolsover collection done by our very own staff member (instructor)  Gareth Bolsover with a massive talent and a amazing artist he has hand draw his collection and as you can the result is great. Not only has he drawn the designs by hand ready for print but they are of the one and only Gary Wilson. The owner of Wilson's Rother Ride.

We also hope to help get some more T-Shirts done by more very talented local artist so keep you eyes peeled for more designs.

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